Sublime Designs was started in April 2005. We Started Sublime Designs to offer our Great Services to the whole world! Sublime Designs is based in-side Dee Sports in Coatbridge, Scotland.

Dee Sports is over 25 years old! We specialise in Trophies and Engraving. We offer a wide range of services to help our customers get everything done in the one shop! We invest in modern technology and are always adding services to help you save money!

Dee Sports offers a large range of services.

Dee Sports offered Trophies in the beginning in 1982. We now have 2 computerised engraving machines and a glass engraving service.  

Then football teams were looking for a Local shop to offer an embroidery service. This service was added and we now have 18 fully operational embroidery machines! This helps us offer you cheaper prices and a quick turnaround!

We then added a printing service for work wear, sportswear printing and holiday t-shirts. This then led to a sign printing machine! So we now offer a full colour printing service which enables us to print anything you can throw at us! The best bit is this helps us keep the price down on your orders!

As we had purchased a Wide Format Sign Printing this lead to sign making opportunities! We offer Van Livery Service, Banners, Flag Printing, Car Stickers, Vehicle Rapping and much more! It is never ending and are always looking at more technology to offer you that little bit extra!

If there is something you are looking for and can't find it anywhere! Then give us a call on 01236 432552 or drop us an email . We will only give you our honest advice if what your looking for is possible. We have over 29 years genuine experience in this market. So we can ensure we can help you find what you need!

Registered Address: 20 Anderson Street, Airdrie. ML6 OAA. 

Registered Company Number: SC539106