What makes us Sublime?

We here at Sublime Designs always looks at quality and price! We want to ensure that you are happy with your purchase from Sublime Designs by using the best materials available on the market.

Sublime Designs takes every order personal! We want to ensure that you really get what you want. So why not give us a call on 01236 432552 or email us at sales@sublimedesigns.co.uk and ask us for our advice. You really need honest advice on items you are interested in. Online shopping can take hours and sometimes doesn't save you time, and can lead to disappointment. We like to fill that gap!

Our medal specials really are amazing! All medals are current medals and none of them are end of range. In-fact our whole website is only current Catalogues! Why buy old items at cheap prices when you can get current items at Amazing Prices! We really do believe in quality! As we want you to spread the word about how amazing our range really is!

We have invested in a brand new website so we can offer you Discounts for being a returning customer! It also makes your shopping easier as nearly every item offers you options like medals ribbons, engravings etc!

But ultimately your Feedback is Vital! We love to hear if there is anything more we can do for you? Or if there is a product you are looking for please contact us! We can source the item or help you source your item! So give us a call on 01236 432552 or email us sales@sublimedesigns.co.uk and let us help you!